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Knoxville, Tennessee DUI attorney Steve Oberman is a nationally renowned DUI defense lawyer and author from Knoxville, Tennessee (TN). In 2006, Mr. Oberman became the first lawyer in Tennessee to be recognized as a Certified Specialist in the area of DUI Defense Law by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization, and by the National College for DUI Defense, Inc.  Mr. Oberman is the only Knoxville DUI lawyer to receive this honor. Steve was recently named a Best Lawyers Lawyer of the Year in the area of Criminal Defense for 2013.


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In honor of Steve’s long-time association with Knoxville, TN DUI lawyer Sara Compher-Rice, The Oberman Law Firm was renamed Oberman & Rice in 2010.


The mission of our law firm is to zealously represent our clients, providing a thorough DUI defense while maintaining the highest standards of professional responsibility and ethics. Of equal importance, our Knoxville DUI attorneys and staff strive to provide exceptional service to our clients and pride ourselves on prompt and thorough communication with our clients.


Due in part to the work ethic and dedication of The Oberman & Rice law firm to our clients, Martindale-Hubbell™, the renowned organization which has offered attorney peer reviews for more than a century, has bestowed the firm with the highest rating for law firms. We are also proud that our Knoxville DUI lawyers continue to be honored with many awards from numerous other organizations.


As part of our commitment to providing the best possible DUI defense for our clients, Oberman & Rice endeavors to remain on the cutting edge of DUI defense techniques and strategies by attending and teaching at the most advanced DUI seminars in the country.  Our firm also hosts a podcast, which highlights many issues surrounding Tennessee DUI cases, as well as the offense of driving under the influence in general. Please click here for more information about our DUI Law Podcast.


Unlike lawyers who use mass mailings to lists of people recently arrested, we limit the number of cases we accept to ensure we devote the necessary time and effort to provide each of our clients the personal attention they deserve. Our Knoxville DUI attorneys provide you detailed information about your Tennessee DUI charges, the associated Tennessee DUI penalties, as well as the court procedures.  The Knoxville DUI attorneys of The Oberman & Rice Law Firm are readily available to answer your questions and concerns both while your Tennessee DUI case is pending and after your case is concluded.


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Knoxville, Tennessee DUI Lawyer Steve Oberman is the co-author of the national DUI treatise, Drunk Driving Defense, and author of DUI: The Crimes and Consequences in Tennessee, both of which are pictured below. He also regularly lectures to DUI attorneys across the country about criminal defense techniques. In particular, he teaches and writes about defending cases involving drunk driving, also known as DUI, DWI, and driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.

Tennessee DUI Attorney Steve Oberman regularly defends citizens accused of these crimes whether or not they consent to a blood or breath test. He is familiar with several breath testing devices, including the Intoxilyzer 5000 and DataMaster. In particular, Steve has closely studied and lectured about the Intoximeter EC/IR I and Intoximeter EC/IR II, both of which have been approved by the State of Tennessee for evidentiary breath testing. He also teaches DUI lawyers and attorneys about the errors inherent in both blood and breath testing techniques used by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Knox County Sheriff's Department, the Knoxville Police Department, as well as other police agencies in the State of Tennessee.


DUI Law Podcasts

The Oberman & Rice Law Firm also produces a DUI Law Podcast to explore issues surrounding Driving Under the Influence laws and featuring Steve Oberman, former Dean of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc.  The podcast explores all areas of DUI laws, including, but not limited to information about DUI arrests, the science surrounding DUI laws, and how to choose a DUI lawyer to handle your case.

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