The Crime

Unlawful carrying or possessing weapons is a serious offense that can damage your record and your reputation. If you have been charged with Misdemeanor Unlawful Carrying or Possessing Weapons, you should seek help from the Knoxville criminal defense attorneys at the Oberman & Rice Law Firm.

In Tennessee a person may be convicted of the crime of Misdemeanor Carrying or Possession of Weapons if the prosecution proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the person carried any of the following weapons with intent to go armed:

  1. A firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun, etc.); or
  2. A knife with a blade longer than four inches; or
  3. A club.

[Source: Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-17-1307]

The Penalties

Tennessee law specifies that the classification of the offense (Felony or Misdemeanor), amount of fines (as great as $10,000), sentence lengths (as long as 15 years in prison), and court costs for Carrying or Possession of Weapons vary significantly depending upon factors that include the type of weapon and the person’s prior criminal history, among others.  If you are charged with an Unlawful Carrying or Possessing Weapons offense in Tennessee, you should contact the Oberman & Rice Law Firm to determine what specific penalties apply to your case.

[Source: Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-17-1307]

Why Hire An Attorney Immediately?

It is important to act quickly in order to gather and preserve favorable evidence. Key evidence (faces, dates, events, and conversations) fades from memory over time. Certain witnesses need to be interviewed as soon as possible.  Key evidence (faces, dates, events, and conversations) fades from memory over time.  Also, video recordings and other evidence may be destroyed.  Therefore, it is critical to begin an investigation as soon as possible to ensure valuable evidence is not lost. Success or failure in any criminal case may be determined in the decisions of the defendant and his or her Tennessee Criminal Attorney in only a few hours or days after an arrest is made.

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