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Tennessee traffic citations, including speeding tickets and traffic tickets, may be issued instead of arresting a defendant for minor driving violations.

Speeding tickets are the most common example of traffic tickets or traffic court citations in Tennessee. Other examples include Failure to Yield, Following Too Closely, and Disregarding a Traffic Signal. A citation may also be issued for Underage Possession or Consumption of Alcohol, Simple Possession of Drugs, or certain other misdemeanor offenses.

Traffic tickets, speeding tickets and other traffic related citations are usually heard in either General Sessions Court or Municipal Court. The following are consequences which may occur if you are convicted of, or fail to satisfy, a traffic citation in Tennessee:

Our attorneys can often assist you with resolving a Tennessee traffic ticket, Knoxville speeding ticket or Tennessee traffic citation in such a way that many of these consequences may be avoided. Because the facts, law, and circumstances of each Tennessee traffic ticket case vary, it is important for persons in need of a traffic ticket lawyer to consult with counsel to obtain specific advice about traffic courts in Tennessee. The information contained on this web site regarding Tennessee traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and traffic citations is no substitute for individual legal consultation.

Why not just pay the Tennessee traffic citation?

If you mail in a Tennessee traffic ticket or speeding ticket payment to the court, you will automatically be convicted of the traffic ticket offense and face the consequences of such conviction, such as points being applied on your driving history and increased auto insurance or car insurance coverage costs.

Out of State License

Tennessee will report all convictions for traffic citations, including speeding tickets, to your home state. Therefore, you should consult the Tennessee Department of Safety, the equivalent agency in your home state, or a local attorney to determine the exact consequences your Tennessee traffic ticket or Tennessee speeding ticket may have on the status of your driver’s license. For instance, in some states, your driver’s license could be suspended if you are convicted of excessive speeding (i.e. 20+ MPH over the posted speed limit).

What information will I need when contacting the Oberman & Rice law firm in Knoxville, Tennessee about my traffic ticket or speeding ticket?

  • The color of the Tennessee traffic citation (this helps us determine to which traffic court you have been cited);
  • The Tennessee speeding ticket or Tennessee traffic ticket citation number (located in the upper right hand corner of the traffic citation);
  • The date of traffic citation (usually located toward the bottom of the traffic ticket or speeding ticket);
  • The Traffic Court date (usually located toward bottom of the traffic ticket or speeding ticket, just below the date of the traffic citation);
  • The name of Tennessee police officer (if legible); and
  • The charges listed on Tennessee traffic ticket or citation (usually located in the middle of a speeding ticket in the narrative section).

Tennessee Traffic Ticket and Speeding Ticket Myths

My state will not find out about my traffic ticket or speeding ticket conviction received in the state of Tennessee.

False. Any Tennessee traffic conviction will be reported to your home state.

If I complete driving school, my Tennessee traffic ticket or speeding ticket citation will automatically be dismissed.

False. Tennessee traffic ticket or speeding ticket dismissals are granted on an individual basis and can only be granted by the Judge. Our lawyers can assist you in obtaining such a dismissal.

It’s less expensive for me to just pay the traffic ticket than to hire a Tennessee traffic court lawyer or speeding ticket lawyer.

False. In the long run, it is often more expensive to pay the traffic ticket because of the increase in car insurance premiums and other collateral consequences, especially in cases involving a speeding ticket.

I’m unable to appear on my court date, so my only choice is to pay the Tennessee traffic ticket or Tennessee speeding ticket citation.

False. Depending on the facts of your traffic court case, your traffic court attorney or speeding ticket lawyer may be able to waive your appearance or postpone your speeding ticket or traffic ticket case.

Tennessee Department of Safety

Traffic Violation Points

The Tennessee Department of Safety may suspend your Tennessee driver’s license if you accumulate twelve (12) or more points within a one (1) year period. If you are a Tennessee licensee, you are entitled to a hearing before your driver’s license is suspended; however, you must request a hearing within a specified period of time. The. Oberman &-Rice law firm can often assist you in avoiding Tennessee traffic court driver’s license suspension; however, to ensure the best possible result, you should contact our law office in Knoxville, Tennessee immediately. For more information on Tennessee driver’s license suspension, visit the Tennessee Department of Safety web site.

Tennessee Speeding Tickets

Tennessee Speeding Tickets (Note: The following list does not include all traffic violations. If your violation is not listed, visit the Tennessee Department of Safety website)

Speed not Indicated 3

Speeding 1-5 MPH over the speed limit 1

Speeding 6-15 MPH over the speed limit 3

Speeding 16-25 MPH over the speed limit 4

Speeding 26-35 MPH over the speed limit 5

Speeding 36-45 MPH over the speed limit 6

Speeding 46+ over limit 8

Speed Less than Posted Minimum 3

Tennessee Speeding Tickets in Construction Zone

Speed not Indicated 4

1-5 MPH over speed limit 2

6-15 MPH over speed limit 4

16-25 MPH over speed limit 5

26-35 MPH over speed limit 6

36+ MPH over speed limit 8

Tennessee Speeding Tickets in a Commercial Motor Vehicle

Speed not Indicated 4

Speeding 1-5 MPH over speed limit 2

Speeding 6-14 MPH over speed limit 4

Speeding 15-25 MPH over speed limit 5

Speeding 26-35 MPH over speed limit 6

Speeding 36-45 MPH over speed limit 7

Speeding 46+ MPH over speed limit 8

Construction – No Speed Indicated 5

Construction – 1-5 MPH over speed limit 3

Construction – 6-14 MPH over speed limit 5

Construction – 15-25 MPH over speed limit 6

Construction – 26-35 MPH over speed limit 7

Construction – 36-45 MPH over speed limit 8

Construction – 46+ MPH over speed limit 9

Contributing to Occurrence of Accidents in Tennessee

Property Damage Only 3

Bodily Injury 4

Resulting in Another’s Death 8

Leaving the Scene of Accident (property damage only) 5

Failure to Report Accident (property damage only) 4

Other Point Assignments for Traffic Tickets in Tennessee

Reckless Driving 6

Reckless Endangerment 8

Improper Passing 4

Failure to Obey Traffic Signal 4

Driving Wrong Way 4

Following Too Closely 3

Failure to Yield 4

Improper Turn 4

Failure to Signal 3

Careless or Negligent Driving 4

Violation of License Restrictions 6

Miscellaneous Tennessee Traffic Violations 3

Operating Without License in Possession 2

Operating Without Being Licensed 3

Driving While License Cancelled, Suspended or Revoked 8

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