Generally, Tennessee misdemeanor crimes carry less severe penalties Tennessee felony offenses.  A misdemeanor offense may result in significant jail time, costly fines and court fees, and will require multiple visits to court.  More importantly, a Tennessee misdemeanor conviction will stay on a person’s record for the rest of his or her life.  Felony crimes are offenses that may be punished by 1 year or more in confinement (jail), while misdemeanor crimes represent those punishable by a fine and/or confinement for less than 1 year.  However, some misdemeanor convictions actually require more mandatory jail time than Tennessee felony convictions.

Types of Misdemeanor Offenses

Even misdemeanor offenses require a thorough review and investigation, as well as an aggressive defense in court.  Our Tennessee criminal defense attorneys represent those charged with a variety of Tennessee misdemeanor crimes, including, but not limited to: