Personal Injury Cases

The managing partner of our law firm, Steve Oberman, is the most proficient lawyer in the firm
handling personal injury cases. For the first 25 years of his practice, Steve’s practice consisted of
about half personal injury and half criminal cases. Oberman & Rice does not currently handle
corporate cases, property law, tax law, estate law (or the many other variations of civil law).

Steve does, however, currently assist those who have been injured—either on the job and/or
though the negligence of others. Steve is very selective about the personal injury and workers’
compensation cases he accepts. Most of the people who contact Steve have been prior clients or
friends of prior clients, but if he can help you, Steve will consider accepting your injury case.

On the other hand, if Steve thinks a potential client can obtain as much or more from an
insurance company without a lawyer’s assistance, he will advise them of that fact.

For instance, Steve once received a call from the widow of a gentleman killed in a car wreck.
Both drivers had only a limited amount of insurance, even though the case was worth well more
than the limit of either policy. No other entity was responsible for the death of the gentleman.
Before accepting the case, Steve had a thorough background investigation conducted. This
revealed that the defendant (the responsible party) had no assets other than the insurance policy
from which a judgment could be collected.

Rather than accept the case in return for a contingency fee of 1/3 of the recovery, Steve
suggested that the widow request the policy limits from the insurance company of the
responsible party. The funds were paid in full within 30 days. The widow so grateful to Steve
that she offered to pay him a fee for his time and advice, but Steve wouldn’t hear of it—he just
did what he thought was right.

Steve has settled and tried many civil cases, including obtaining some of the largest of his career
in 2019. If this is the type of lawyer you want helping you, please give Steve a call at (865) 249-

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