Exercise your Right to Remain Silent

Yesterday we addressed one category of DUI anomalies–driving unusual vehicles under the influence–but today we address a different type of anomaly, that of the self-reported DUI offense.  According to an article from AOL yesterday, a Wisconsin woman reported herself to the authorities for driving under the influence.

Her motivation for doing so is not entirely clear, whether it was a moralistic admission of guilt, unusual behavior provoked by intoxication, or a combination of both.

Reporting one’s own DUI is a surefire way of being charged with the offense and therefore of dealing with it through the court system. Sometimes it is best to pull over in a safe area, take the key out of the ignition and place it outside the vehicle, then call a friend or family member to come get you and/or the car.  Naturally, however, the most responsible option is to avoid driving under the influence altogether.

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